Hello WordPress

This is my first foray into what I consider the real blogging world. I’ve been on Tumblr for a little less than a year and it’s fun but I find myself frustrated with the lack of original content on there and the constant reblogging without giving credit to the original author, photographer, artist, writer, or whatever. I’m hoping this blog gives me a chance to get a little more serious and have more people look at my work a little more seriously. A little about me, I’m a US Army veteran, I spent six and a half years as an infantryman, half of that in Iraq. I’m now a college student working through my last semester to become a full-fledged aircraft mechanic. Last year I finally started getting a little serious about photography and every chance I get for a roadtrip or a car show or whatever opportunity comes my way turns into a photo project for me. I’m not anywhere near the point of becoming even a semi-pro but I am to the point of actually wanting to share my photos and see if there is any interest out there as far as commissions or selling prints once in awhile. My main focuses are car shows, mainly pre-1970 rods and customs, motorcycles, classic aircraft, and nudes. I also dabble in writing prose, mainly  just writing down what’s in my gagglefuck of  a brain. I have some mental issues to say the least, between things I’ve seen and done in Iraq and my less than perfect childhood, so I like to write things down that come into my head and sometimes choose to share that stuff. But that’s mainly what my Tumblr page is for. I’d like this blog to be a little more serious. My other huge passion is music, so I may occasionally post an album or concert review. At any rate, I hope you enjoy my little piece of madness here.


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