Lunch Break

Hanging out in the library during a lunch break
Nikon P7000
Harlingen, TX, December, 2011

There in the background is my first Canon AE-1, my favorite camera. Most of the film shots I post are taken with that camera. I now have two as my dad sent me the one he’s had since I was a tiny kid or maybe before I was born, but I haven’t put a whole roll through that one yet.


2 thoughts on “Lunch Break

  1. My very first SLR was the AE-1, the Granddaddy of the first Auto Exposure SLRs. I still have mine too, although I have not used it for 20 years. Glad to see you are still using yours. — Rob

    • This was actually my first too but I just got it last year. My little Nikon P7000 is great but I love the AE-1 and until I can afford a DSLR, it’s my main camera. I bought a whole setup with 4 lenses, a bag full of filters, power winder, air release, flash, etc for under $200 on ebay. It’s in awesome shape and works great. My dad has had his since probably before I was born 28 years ago but he hadn’t used it since I joined the army in 2003 so he sent me his as well.

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