Led Zeppelin LP
Nikon P7000, Macro

I took this shot last September after picking up this record and a few others at an antiques mall in San Antonio on the way home from an Army buddy’s wedding. I rode up to Kerrville with my boss, the groom’s brother. I was the best man but I almost couldn’t make it because of my financial situation at the time so I rode there and back with the boss and his wife. Apparently the last time they were up that way they had stopped at this antiques mall in an old warehouse building in downtown San Antonio. Up on the top (I think 4th) floor, there was a small room set aside that is only open a few hours a day where they have seemingly endless piles of records. He even had a 1st stamping of Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? 

While browsing, I found a few Led Zeppelin albums and figured I’d better buy them. I have an extremely diverse, yet picky, musical taste. I mainly listen to classic rock, which I learned when I was growing up around my dad’s auto shop, but I listen to everything from 70s/80s punk to bebop jazz, so naming favorites is very hard for me. The list is a mile long. I can at least say that Led Zeppelin is probably the band I go back to most consistently. I did spend $250 on a collectible box set which includes every studio album and The Song Remains the Same in exact replica (1/4 scale to fit the CDs of course) album sleeves. So, excited as I was to bring home my three new records, I had to get a photo.


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