So, one of my main hobbies is fixing and restoring old cars. My boss picked this Super Beetle up on his way home from Indiana earlier this year and found out there were gaping holes in the floor in front of the back seat so he decided to restore it. He was in way over his head and he knows that his brother and I are both motor heads (we were in the army together, he was my roommate and my driver for awhile). He asked me a couple months if I could help him out and then asked me if I could strip it for him because we had gotten real busy at the store and he was spending more time there than usual. Now he has decided he wants me to finish it before I leave…in less than two months hopefully. I have it gutted much further than this now, down to bare body and frame. Every piece of wiring, rubber. trim has been removed. He was supposed to drop it off for sandblasting weeks ago but apparently it is still sitting in his garage as I left it three weeks ago. I am supposed to quit my job at the beginning of August to work on this thing full-time to ensure it is done before I leave, but since it still hasn’t been stripped, the floor hasn’t been fixed, and the body needs to be done, I’m not sure if it’s actually going to work that way. At any rate, I will be posting occasional updates here.

Volkswagen Super Beetle
Nikon P7000

I am also thinking of starting another blog next year, solely dedicated to whatever project I may be working on. I need to finish going through the front end, wiring, interior, and rear axle of my old Dodge diesel, but I may just end up selling it and buying a slightly newer one, or parting it out and putting the engine in a 73-87 Chevy if I can find one in completely driveable shape for less than it will cost to finish mine. I have owned five of those trucks in that body style so I’m very familiar with them and prefer them over old Dodges.


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