The Rio Grande Valley is full of as many abandoned buildings from failed businesses as successful, clean buildings. Sometimes this makes for interesting photography. Downtown Harlingen, which is about 3 miles in diameter, has several old commercial buildings and a few ancient apartment buildings, some which still house businesses and tenants, but many of which are empty as far as I can tell. Mexican citizens come over to the valley because it is close to home but they have more freedom and safety. They build cheap brick or concrete buildings  to open up as convenience stores, taquerias, auto shops, whatever the heart desires. Sometimes things don’t go well; there is trouble or sickness in the family back home, immigration gets ahold of them, or they just run out of money. Now there is a small abandoned building on a street corner who nobody wants to claim and reopen. It’s a sad thing, really. They don’t get the same kind of government aid that is available to many American-owned small businesses. The shame is that some of these small places are where you can get the best food or things you just can’t find anywhere else in the states except on the Mexican border.

This sign was on one of the older buildings in the downtown Harlingen area that used to house a hardware store. Now it houses nothing but (I’m guessing here) mice and roaches. The sign is in much better condition than the building, and I thought it would make a nice photo.

Former H&V Hardware
Harlingen, Texas
Nikon P7000


One thought on “Harlingen

  1. The same goes for Hayward, there is a mixture of new, antiquated and simply rundown buildings all over the city and neighboring cities. The one place that I loved was a crepe shop called Crepes D’Art, sadly it closed after I believe eight months to a year. Now the only other place to get Crepes is in San Francisco’s Japan Town and those are not as good.

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