Technical Drawing

A little over a week ago, I wrote a post called “Struggling with Creativity,” in which I talked about my attempts at being creative over the past couple years with drawing and photography.  I talked about my recent realization that I am in fact creative, just not necessarily in an arty way, more so in a practical way. This post isn’t really creative, as it’s a necessity for the project I’m working on, but it shows my drawing ability when I can actually figure out what to draw. This is a drawing for a skin patch on an old piece of junk Cessna 310 airplane. It took me roughly 45 minutes, including figuring out the proper spacing for the new rivets, as there is a standard for how far apart rivets need to be and the proper spacing between the rivet and the edge of the metal. It was a tad more challenging than a typical skin repair on an unpressurized are of an aircraft because there are stringers and a rib (structural stuff) in the way of the patch, so we had to work around them. Click the photo and you can zoom in to see more detail.

This is what the actual repair looks like, before sanding the whole thing down to make it smooth and repainting it:

And this is the back side:

I’m sure there are better ways to do this with adjacent structural pieces. but this was strictly for training purposes and this airplane is far from ever flying again. The point was to do a basic skin patch, but never wanting to take the easy way out, I decided to do it in an area that was more challenging, and I had no real guidance in the shop to show the proper way to deal with structural members.


Part of my intention when starting this blog was to do some technical posts, whether it be on airplanes, making my own furniture, home improvement, or my hot rod projects. My life is about to take a big turn here in the next month or so, so hopefully this will be a lot more possible and frequent once I get settled in a new job and home. If my current boss gets off his ass and gets the things he needed to get done on his Beetle in order for me to take over the project again, I should be working on that thing again in the next few weeks, so that will make for some interesting tech posts.


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