Adventures in Dieting, Week 4

Today marks the beginning of the fourth week of my second adventure in dieting. I was going to write weekly updates, but my chronic memory loss kicked in and guess what, I forgot. Andway, I am now consistently below 223 lbs, despite eating my ass off this past weekend in celebration of my college graduation. My ex-fiancee (the sane one I mentioned yesterday) came down and her folks took us out for some Cajun at Pappadeaux. Crawfish etouffee, fried crawfish, dirty rice, and the complimentary, congratulatory pecan pie didn’t help my diet too much. Nor did the lo-mein a coworker treated me to for lunch on Sunday, but they were both worth it. I ate lightly the remainder of Sunday and Monday, and to my surprise, on Tuesday morning I was down to 221 lbs. I’m hoping by next Monday I can be consistently under 220. I say consistently because I’m usually 2-3 lbs heavier at night that I am in the morning, as is typical.

For those who haven’t read my previous posts, I started at 238 lbs on August 1st and my goal is under 200 by, well, ASAP, but at least by Thanksgiving. I joined the Army 9 years ago at 165 lbs. I’m not trying to be that thin again, but I’d like to be a lean 180-190 by my let’s say February, after taking a break for a few weeks.

Last week, having finished school and not finding a full-time job yet, I started riding my previously-neglected Specialized RockHopper again and yesterday I was up to 10 miles in 50 minutes. On the days I don’t ride, or work, I began going to the local park to walk the just-over-1-mile trail. I’m trying to use my time wisely since if I don’t find a full-time job by the 1st, I will be forced to take a $12.50/hour job at the local airport, forcing me to keep my weekend job, meaning I will be at work 9+ hours every single day until further notice.

As far as the cravings go, I’m not doing too badly. I always buy a box of goldfish or individual pack Cheez-Its when I go shopping (they’re the one vice I’m allowing myself besides my weekly lunch at my favorite deli), and it’s hard to keep my mind off of them when my unemployed ass is sitting at home. When I do eat them, I do it in moderation (thus the individual packs), continuing to stay 100-200 calories below my daily limit. I am doing well with healthy breakfasts and dinners, and keeping healthy portions. Nearly at the halfway point towards my goal, I’m not giving up any time soon. I feel great, I’m much more motivated than usual, and I’m receiving compliments from coworkers. Last week, I put on two pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in two years, signifying that I’ve dropped at least 2 waist sizes, plus I’m slowly starting to look like my old self again. I’m starting to become addicted to this diet thing almost more than I am to food.


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