Saturday Morning Ride

So far, I’ve been terrible at this whole weekends-off thing. The most I’ve done on my weekends since I finished unpacking my new place is hanging out at Barnes & Noble last Friday night. Other than that I’ve pretty much just been sitting around, watching football, reading the paper, checking out Flickr, etc. I decided earlier this week that since I now have 25+ miles of mountain bike trails less than seven miles from my apartment, I should probably take advantage and put that expensive Specialized of mine to good use. It’s a pretty dreary day here in Waco, we can finally feel the onset of fall, which is probably my favorite time of year in Texas. Regardless, it made for great riding weather.

Cameron Park in Waco supposedly has 26 miles of hiking/running/mtb trails of all different skill levels. The trails I had been riding the past year were pretty lame, mostly flat, high-speed trails that sometimes get pretty tight and sometimes that tightness is in cactus beds. I literally had to change or patch tubes at least once on just about every trip. The trails at Cameron Park are completely different. I’m pretty out of shake, part of the reason I started riding again, and I have to admit that I had to shoulder my bike and walk up quite a few of the hills I encountered. I apparently have a long ways to go in getting my riding skills back, especially with my feet locked in. Anyway, I only took a few photos today but here they are:

Bosque River/Brazos River junction and bridge, from the “Mouth of the Bosque” area of Cameron Park.

While taking a break next to the river, I saw what I’m assuming is the Baylor Rowing Club out doing their thing and took a shot or two. Told you it’s pretty dreary today.

My Specialized at the bottom of a hill I was not looking forward to climbing


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