Saturday Explorations

Feeling extremely lonely today, and depressed after watching Texas A&M lose a game it seemed they’d dominate after the first half, I decided to go read in the park for awhile and then go explore downtown a bit. Waco has this great park, Cameron Park, that is sort of a collection of smaller parks in one huge complex. There’s even a zoo. This is the place I took photos of a few weeks ago while riding my mountain bike. There are 25+ miles of hiking and biking trails of varying difficulties over a spread of several acres, plus about half a dozen smaller “subparks” I guess you could call them. Today’s destination was a large park at the top of a cliff overlooking the Bosque River. I sat around reading my Pete Townshend autobiography for a bit and took a few photos. I also attempted to take photos of people who didn’t know I was doing so, for the first time ever. I felt extremely creepy, I don’t know how street photographers do it honestly. At any rate, here are the results.

Bosque River, Cameron Park, Waco

After that, I headed downtown, which was pretty much dead. I guess downtown Waco is not the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. I like how old everything is, making some places seem a bit seedy. I’m still upset I didn’t get my loft downtown when I moved up here but it’s a short drive. I did find a cafe that has jazz nights on Fridays so maybe I can actually go socialize. I also finally got photos of the Alico building, built 101 years ago, becoming the tallest building in the southwest for several years

Alico Building (1911), Downtown Waco



3 thoughts on “Saturday Explorations

  1. Don’t know why but the pictures don’t come up at this site. I can see the small icon size on the WordPress site but when I click over I don’t get the enlarged version here. They looked interesting though. I use foxfire if that makes any difference instead of IE

    • It must be your computer or internet. I’m in Chrome and I checked IE and both show up fine. If you click on a photo it should take you to my Flickr page for that photo. They should also be appearing in 1024 size on my blog.

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