Hot Rod Revolution 2012 – Part 1 (digital)

Hot Rod Revolution is a traditional hot rod show put on by members of The Jalopy Journal forum and blog, together with Austin’s Kontinentals car club, who also put on the Lone Star Roundup show, usually held in April. Both shows focus on traditional hot rods and kustoms, no gawdy 80’s-90’s paint jobs, rat rods, or muscle cars, but pre-muscle era cars styled in a period fashion. Hot Rod Revolution, however, focuses on WWII-era hot rods and early Kustoms, and is a much smaller show, held for the last two years on the parade ground at Ausin’s Camp Mabry.

I had been looking forward to experiencing and photographing the Revolution for a couple years, since I first heard discovered the Jalopy Journal and found out about the show. Mileage and budget have prevented me from going until this year, since I’m now less than 100 miles away from both shows. I brought along my old Canon AE-1 with a few rolls of film (I thought I had a whole box but failed to remember that one of the rolls was already shot) along with my handy Nikon P7000 point and shoot. I won’t have the film back for a day or two and it will take me a day or so to scan – I do work full-time after all – and I’m a bit reluctant to post the digital shots before the film. I really just brought the Nikon as a backup and to take shots for myself to get ideas for my next project, but some of them came out great.

This will probably be a three- or four-part post, as I have over a dozen digital photos and two and a half rolls of film so bear with me. Clicking on the photos will as usual bring you to the Flickr set.



6 thoughts on “Hot Rod Revolution 2012 – Part 1 (digital)

    • Oh yes, I have an addiction. I went through the muscle car phase in high school but now I’m obsessed with anything pre-1963. Check out the forum I linked. You’ll get lost on that site.

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