Help Save WFMU

Just a quick post to spread the word. For one thing, everyone should at least donate something to the Red Cross to help out with Sandy victims. It’s been over a week, c’mon.

Anyway, WFMU is a great free-form radio network out of New Jersey that is entirely listener-supported. When I say free-form, I mean it. They offer online streaming and mobile streaming through their apps and TuneIn. They play a crazy mix of shit you won’t hear anywhere else, and they do it in a way that you won’t hear anywhere else. Punk, alt-rock, obscure 50’s and 60’s gems, real indie music in general, pretty much anything you can think of. They were hit hard by Sandy, forced to go off the air for over a week, and also were forced to cancel one of their biggest fund-raising events of the year, making it an even worse situation. They are pretty much a quarter million dollars underwater (quite literally for awhile) between the equipment losses and the loss of funds due to lost potential income from and fees paid for the record fair. If you’ve never listened to WFMU and you like an eclectic mix of fairly obscure music with a touch of comedy, give it a listen. If you like what you hear, or you’re already a listener, pitch in the $10 or more to help these guys recover so they can continue programming for their legion of free-form fans. They’ll even throw in some cool swag for your troubles.

So this was just a shameless plug for WFMU and storm victims in general. I’m in no way connected to WFMU other than the fact that I listen to them in my earbuds at work.


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