Lonestar Round Up 2013

This weekend marked the 12th anniversary of the Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up in Austin, Texas. Like November’s Hot Rod Revolution that I previously posted about here, the show is put on by Austin’s Kontinentals car club and the fine folks behind the Jalopy Journal and the HAMB message board. In twelve years it has gone from a relatively small show (like the Revolution) in a high school football stadium, to a massive undertaking held at the Travis County Expo Center. The Round Up is based around pre-muscle car era hot rods and customs. This includes pre-war gow jobs and racers, post-war hot rods and mild kustoms, and ’50’s and early 60’s show-style rods and kustoms.

This year I sort of unintentionally focused on detail shots as this show gets more and more crowded every year, and I don’t like having headless bodies and such in my photos. I think next year I’ll start going on Friday instead of Saturday since I doubt the crowd is as large. Never the less, I took about 250 photos and was satisfied enough to post about ninety of them. This is a pretty good amount of photos for a blog post, so I’m planning on spreading them out over the next few weeks. That ought to make up for my two-month absence anyway.

The obligatory hubcap self-portrait



4 thoughts on “Lonestar Round Up 2013

    • I bet it was packed. I haven’t been down there after the show in the past few years ever since it turned into a zoo. I also heard the whole neighborhood was trashed this morning so some of the guys are pretty pissed. I’m sure the city isn’t too happy.

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