A Little Excited

I could jump on the bandwagon and write a long post on how much better vinyl is than anything. But I won’t do that. I haven’t had a record player for ten years or so since I left home for the army. Over the past few years I’ve been slowly building a vinyl collection of my own, since throughout my childhood and high school, I was listening to my dad’s. My large music collection consisted of four hundred plus CDs until they got stolen in Iraq, and has been mostly digital since then. In fact, if there is such a thing as a digital music hoarder, I’m the guy.

Being the music junkie I am, I decided a couple of years ago to start rebuilding my CD and vinyl collection. However, my old Sanyo phono/cassette/radio/equalizer stack had long since disappeared and the only equipment I had was a Sony surround system and a collection of expensive headphones. Last week, I finally ponied up and ordered an Audio-Technica LP60-USB turntable. I’ve enjoyed their ATH-M50 studio headphones for the past four years, so I figured their record players would live up to my expectation.

I gotta tell ya, for the low price of $89, I don’t think you’ll find a better new phonograph. This one doesn’t even require a receiver with a phono amp since it has a built-in pre-amp. Led Zeppelin II is sounding pretty great on my surround system right now. However, you can expect to find me on Ebay doing some receiver shopping in the near future. Then I think it will be time for a pair of Infinity towers. I’ve never been particularly fond of listening to music on home theater systems. The audiophile slope is a slippery one.


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