Old Film Revisited, Roll 2

Today’s shots are from the first black & white roll I put into my Canon AE-1. The roll is pretty lame altogether, since I was just walking around my back yard and shooting test images. Kinda like the last roll. The first time I scanned this roll, I did it the quick way and didn’t realize how off they looked, until I saw them next to others in a couple black & white Flickr groups I’m in. This time, scanning them the right way, and doing some basic contrast editing in CS5, I think they’re coming out looking much more like a true black & white film.

I should mention that up until now, all the black & white film I’ve shot has been Kodak BW400CN, including these here. BW400CN is not a true black & white film, it is a C41-processed film, intended for consumers who don’t process their own film. It is pretty typical to get a slight color tint when dealing with these, depending on the lab. I’m not sure if it was the way they scanned the first time, or if it was the lab, but these new scans look a lot better. We’ll see for sure when I get to the four or five rolls I shot at the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi. The tint on those the first time around was pretty bad. At any rate, I’ll be ordering some Ilford XP-2 Super (another C-41 film) next week to try out, since I’ve heard nothing but good things and have seen some amazing photos on that film.

All in all, the Kodak is a good film, but can be hit or miss as far as developing goes, because of the previously-mentioned tint issue. But with a decent scanner and some very basic post-processing, you can really make some great images. And you can usually find this film locally in retail stores.

More to come this weekend.


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