I got paid early this week on account of the holiday. Then I found out the photo lab up the street carries Ilford, so I wouldn’t have to order any from B&H. So here are my first five rolls of Ilford XP2 Super. I’m hoping it is more sharp and contrasty than the Kodak BW400CN. We’ll see in the near future. Hopefully I’ll be making a day trip to Austin next weekend to do some shooting. I’ve also been thinking of just spending the $100 on chemicals and stuff to finally start developing my own film, so I may not have to worry about C41 processing much longer.


4 thoughts on “Excitement

    • I’ve had issues with a weird tint to the BW400CN and it doesn’t give enough contrast for my taste. Of course part of that could be a light leak but I’ll be fixing that next week. It’s a decent film but it takes some Photoshopping to get it to look like a true B&W image.

      I’m just going to try basic B&W developing for now and maybe experiment with it after a few rolls. Maybe get a C-41 kit too. I’ve never developed my own film before so it’ll be an interesting experience.

      • XP2 used to have an almost orange tint to it. I didn’t use it for a while, then there was XP2 Plus, this seems to have taken care of it as the negs now look like B&W negs instead of color.

        Also, I don’t know if you scan your own negs or not, but if you do have you tried scanning the Kodak as color and then convert it to grey sale? Don’t know if that will help, but it does take care of some of the tone issues with the Ilford.

      • Hmm, I don’t remember if I tried that last time or not. Iv’e been rescanning everything to reorganize it on this new computer, that’s what my past several posts have been, so when I get to my B&W stuff I’ll try that. The first time I did everything the quick way in “home” mode on my Epson V330, this time I’m doing everything hi-res and all the images I post I’m doing in 2400 or 3600dpi. I also figured out that it doesn’t automatically scan the whole color range so I’ve been clipping the histogram manually this time too. That could be a reason too I suppose.

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