Rainy Day in July

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super (expired), Epson V330

Rain is hard to come by in Central Texas in the middle of July. On this day I had planned to walk around town with my camera and my new batch of Ilford XP2 Super. Instead, I ended up sitting at Barnes & Noble looking at photos books for hours, but managed to snap a few images around my apartment before heading in for the day. This was my first go-round with Ilford. As I’ve been scanning the three rolls I picked up on Friday, I’m enjoying the images a bit more than I did the Kodak BW400CN I’ve shot. It doesn’t have the weird orange tint that the Kodak seems to have when scanned, so there is less editing needed. Out of the three rolls, I’ll be posting probably over half the images I’ve shot, which is a pretty good ratio for me. The only things I had to edit were the curves and contrast since I scan all my images flat. I did have one roll with a deep scratch all the way across the film, which I wasn’t very happy about, but most of the images should be fixable, or else I’ll just post them as-is with a disclaimer. Anyway, enjoy. I have three more rolls of old film that I need to rescan and post, but I’ll be alternating those with the new stuff.

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super (expired), Epson V330

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super (expired), Epson V330


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