Long Center for the Performing Arts

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super, Epson V330

The Long Center for the Performing Arts, in Austin, Texas, first opened its doors in March 2008. Due to the rough economy, the Center was built in phases and used over 90% of the material from the former Palmer Auditorium, the venue it was meant to replace. Several firms contributed to the project, the initial proposal having been designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill of Chicago. Others included Zeidler Partnership, and Fischer Dachs Associates. The Long Center hosts operas, symphony orchestras, and ballets, among other indoor and outdoor events in the Auditorium Shores area along Lady Bird Lake. 

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super, Epson V330

I had a hard time trying to find a good angle to capture the whole complex, so I mainly focused on details, as I usually do when I’m looking at a massive building. On a technical note, one of these photos is the first in a batch that need some serious editing. When I got this particular roll back from  the developer, a deep scratch had occurred all the way across the film, affecting all but one of the images. I’m no Photoshop pro as I try to limit my editing to basic contrast, curves, and clipping adjustments (if any at all) since it’s hard to get a scan right straight off the flatbed. I was able to cover most of it using the clone tool and the spot healing brush, but there was a portion of the scratch in a critical spot that I wasn’t able to get without ruining the photo. Hopefully it’s not too noticeable, and hopefully I’m able to recover most of the images I wanted since this was my favorite roll from this particular trip. 

Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super, Epson V330


Canon AE-1, Ilford XP-2 Super, Epson V330


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