Resolutions, 2013

I’m a firm non-believer in the December 21st, end-of-the-world theory, and since I finally have a decent job and am out of the military and college, I feel like I am finally in a place to write my first New Year’s resolutions list. I’m turning 29 in three weeks, so this is also a before-30 list. I’m looking forward to 30, but the last couple years of my twenties has been pretty lame so I’d like to make up a little lost time.

1. See my father

I haven’t seen my dad in five years this month. A 2,000+ mile distance, my previous military career, and a lack of funds on both our parts are the main reasons for this. My dad has also become increasingly conservative, and Baptist, over the last few years and I the opposite. So there is also a bit of fear present in my mind. In 2013 though, I have to come up with one way or another of getting up to New England to see dad and meet the fiancee of his whom I still have not met.

2. Lose the rest of the weight

In the last year and a half I have lost 65 pounds of my post-army weight gain. It came (or left) i n two 30- to 40-pound, three-month┬áspurts. Both times, once I hit about 35 pounds, it was like I hit a wall. I’m back to where I was when I left the Army in 2010 (I gained weight FAST), but I’d like to be about 15 or 20 pounds closer to where I was when I was at my ideal shape. This should be fairly easy after I take a two or three-month break to let my body catch up.

3. Meet someone special

Online dating has become a huge crutch for me, as I’ve written previously. Given that this is the third town I’ve lived in in four years, online dating has been a convenient way for this shy dude to meet new people, and now I am absolutely petrified about approaching someone in person. Not knowing their relationship status, things we may or may not have in common, or if she has kids, is information I’m now used to knowing before meeting someone. 2013 will be the year I finally overcome this fear and stop wasting time waiting for someone to come to me.

4. Go back to school

I know, I just graduated in August, but I’m addicted to knowledge and I’m always looking for the next step. I’m ready to begin the next thing, or find the next step of my current thing. This will be part-time and mostly, if not all online, but it will begin soon.

5. Begin planning a new business venture

I’ve been thinking about this one for years. Finally, I have a regular job with a set schedule, leaving me plenty of time to work on building the this thing. The scheme is one I started in high school: buying cheap, used, often broken-down engines, buying performance parts, rebuilding and hot-rodding them, then selling for a small profit. This is less a business venture, more of an excuse to do something I like which normally costs money, and trying to make a little money doing it. Of course this has to wait until my lease runs out in August/September, when I can get out of the apartment I moved into out of desperation when I got to town, and into a house or duplex with a garage. Maybe even rent a shop with a friend.

Bonus: Take a real vacation

I’m almost thirty years old and have never taken a real vacation. Sure, in the Army I would go on leave for two weeks, or a month after deployment, but I would either spend it at home being lazy or going out partying, or driving cross-country to visit family. I would like to actually take a trip completely selfishly. Drive to California, stopping along the way for photo ops and sampling local food. Maybe go backpacking in Big Bend National Park. I’ve made it a life’s goal to make Bonneville Speed Week at least once in my life, why not 2013? There are many places outside of the United States that I’d love to visit, but those will have to wait until I have a higher income. For now, I’d settle for a long-distance, slow, road trip.