Writer’s/Photographer’s Block

I know, I’ve been severely neglecting this blog for a few weeks. I went from posting photos nearly every day, to writing once a week and posting photos twice a week, to writing OR posting photos once a week, to almost nothing. Part of the reason is that I worked overtime for three weeks this month, and spent the weekends working on my vehicles. But, let’s not make excuses.

More recently, I spent Christmas weekend on a completely unplanned roadtrip with one of my old army buddies, Seth. He was supposed to leave earlier in the week, but ended up having to wait til a debtor paid up on Saturday. We were texting and I asked him if he had left yet. He said no, but he was leaving that night and oh, by the way, was I up for a roadtrip? I’m always up for a roadtrip, especially when I’d otherwise be sitting home alone over Christmas weekend. So, despite my having to work at 8am on Tuesday, I was on the road beginning a two thousand-mile roadtrip at 7pm Saturday night.

The central Iowa area had gotten hit by a foot of snow or more Thursday and Friday. By the time we reached the area at daybreak on Sunday, the roads were all clear and we pointed at all the cars in the ditch along the way. Funny story, but last time I drove to Iowa by myself to visit another friend, I was in a front-wheel drive car with summer tires and the area had been hit by a very similar storm. That time the roads weren’t quite so clear, but regardless, I hauled ass down the highway while noting to myself all the cars in the ditch. The good thing is that that trip five years ago was the last time I’d seen snow, so this was a welcome sight:

I was hoping I’d get to take a lot of cool pictures in the snow and whatnot all weekend, but this is the only decent one that came out of it. Anyway, we got to meet a friend I’ve been speaking to online and over the phone for the past two years for lunch, so despite looking like a couple of cokeheads coming down from a week-long binge we had a good time Sunday and got to relax a bit. After having dinner with Seth’s parents that night, we settled down for some TV watching until bedtime. Isn’t it sad that after being on the road for 14 hours and not having much to do all day, we still didn’t head to bed until midnight? Monday was a pretty lazy day, hanging at Seth’s mom’s house until evening, when we hitched up our trailer for the drive further north to his hometown. We spent the evening drinking beer in Seth’s friend’s shop (oh how that reminded me of high school) and trying to avoid the subzero weather.

Christmas morning was not very Christmasy. We had to go try and get a truck (that hadn’t moved in four months) running long enough to get it on the trailer. This didn’t happen so eventually we ended up pushing it on with another truck, while I cranked on a pulley to pull it up all the way. Those were a fun three hours outside where it was at least five below zero. Somehow this got me wondering how and why in the hell I spent so much time in high school (in Wisconsin) standing around outside in jeans and a Carhartt jacket drinking beer for hours on end. Nine years between Texas and Iraq really spoils a person as far as weather is concerned. We had a little time for Seth to visit with his siblings before we hit the road around noon. After visiting Seth’s dad in Sioux City, we were on our way into a snow storm in Oklahoma. Now normally this would have been a minor storm, if it hadn’t been in Oklahoma. Besides the lack of road maintenance, we were hauling a gooseneck trailer containing a nine foot-tall truck, in a truck that has mud tires. Great in mud and offroad, not so great on snowy highways.

Norman, Oklahoma; December 26, 1am

After making our way through the remnants of the storm, we arrived back at my apartment at 5:30am Wednesday morning. Unable to fall asleep for a quick nap, I showered, shaved, dressed, and made some coffee before going to work at 8.

How was your holiday weekend?